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  • Baza (Base): The foundation or starting point for a nail treatment, providing a surface for nail extensions or nail polish.

  • Creare Curba C (Creating a C-Curve): Shaping the nail to create a curved, natural-looking appearance.

  • Creare extensie unghie (Creating Nail Extensions): Adding length to the natural nail using various techniques or materials.

  • Rezistenta mecanica si termica (Mechanical and Thermal Resistance): The ability of the treated nails to withstand physical and heat-related stresses.

  • Finish (Finishing): The final step in a nail treatment, often involving the application of topcoat or other finishing products.

  • Intarire unghie (Nail Strengthening): Enhancing the strength and durability of the nails.

  • Aminoacizi (Amino Acids): Building blocks of protein that can support nail health and growth.

  • Minerale (Minerals): Essential nutrients that can contribute to nail health and overall well-being.

  • Vitamine (Vitamins): Important compounds that play a role in maintaining healthy nails.

  • A-keratina hidrolizata natural (Natural Hydrolyzed A-Keratin): A natural form of hydrolyzed keratin that may be used in nail treatments to improve their condition and appearance.

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