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4 Day's Extreme Nails & Creative Forms

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The course includes:
- Professional photo session
- Professional Make Up Artist.
The course has 4 days of which the first 3 are dedicated to the construction of extreme nails 11-12 cm long. There will be 5 nails with a different and personalized design, depending on the chosen theme for each student. We will give free rein to everyone's creativity and personality. Nail technicians are seen as consummate artists who can create anything they want by giving free rein to their imaginations of course with a correct technique. My first experience in this field of extreme forms, completely changed my view of this field and helped my students to go one step higher in this beautiful fielld and stand out as skilled technicians in nails world.

The photoshoot will help you create a professional image, a profile picture, a cover picture, It will help you show the difference, your evolution will be miraculous, clients looking for uniqueness, creativity and technique in choosing a manicurist, which you will have after this course. For you, this course can be your springboard into this field. Together we can overcome any limits and create unique designs. It doesn't matter the level of training, you need to have a minimum of experience and knowledge in this field, the rest will come by itself.

Course price: £ 1080
Course advance: £ 400

The student it will need to work on her hand.

All the necessary materials and  products used and provided during the course are free of charge throughout the course.
⦁ Pusher
⦁ E-File Bits: Red flame, Red drop
⦁ Gel brush: No. 6 oval
⦁ Pensula Kolinsky 2
⦁  Gels and LNB bases.

⦁ Kostka Bojana forms.

After the course you have 10% DISCOUNT on all LNB products from the online store

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