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Extreme Nails & Creative Forms

Extreme Nail Casting

The course encompasses the following:

  • Professional photo session

  • Professional Make-Up Artist

The course spans four days, with the initial three dedicated to crafting extreme nails, measuring 11-12 cm in length. Each student will create five nails, each featuring a distinct and personalized design, based on their chosen theme. This provides an open canvas for individual creativity and expression. Nail technicians are akin to accomplished artists, empowered to bring their imaginative visions to life through a proper technique. My own inaugural experience in the realm of extreme forms transformed my perspective on this field and empowered my students to reach new heights in the world of nails, establishing themselves as skilled technicians.

The photoshoot serves as a means to cultivate a professional image, offering you a profile picture and cover photo that vividly illustrate your remarkable evolution. Clients seeking uniqueness, creativity, and technical expertise in a manicurist will find exactly what they desire, which you will possess after completing this course. For you, this course can serve as a launching pad into this field. Together, we can shatter any boundaries and produce one-of-a-kind designs. Regardless of your current training level, you should have a minimum level of experience and knowledge in this field; the rest will follow naturally.

Course details:

  • Course price: £1080

  • Course advance: £400

Students will work on their own hand during the course.

All essential materials and products used during the course are provided free of charge throughout the duration of the course, including:

  • Pusher

  • E-File Bits: Red flame, Red drop

  • Gel brush: No. 6 oval

  • Kolinsky Brush No. 2

  • Various DM gels and LNB bases

  • Kostka Bojana forms

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