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A Rebalance or Infill Service is necessary every 3-4 weeks to maintain your nails. If it's been over 4 weeks, it's considered a NEW SET.

DM Nail Training Centre offers a range of nail and beauty services, from Sculpted Nails with Forms to Deluxe Spa Pedicures, Gel Polish (Shellac Nails), and Classic & Volume Eyelash Extensions and microblending. Our services redefine indulgence. Sculpted Nails with Forms provide acrylic or gel-based extensions in various shapes. Our Deluxe Spa Pedicure indulges your feet with exquisite spa products. Gel Polish combines polish and gel benefits. Choose Classic Eyelash Extensions for a subtle look or Volume (Russian) Extensions for a striking impact. Elevate your beauty journey. Book now.

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