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Intensive French Nails Course

Interior French

Are you eager to turn your passion for nail art into a rewarding career? Our accredited Nail Tech training course provides all the knowledge and skills necessary to become a skilled professional in the beauty industry.

Our intensive, hands-on training covers everything from the basics to advanced techniques with clarity and precision. You will receive comprehensive course support, including theoretical knowledge and detailed practice schemes to refine your skills at home. Our expert instructors will guide you through 2 hours of theory every day, which also includes personal development training to enhance your self-confidence.

During the course, you will practice on models for 6-8 hours every day and create a professional portfolio of photos to showcase your work and attract clients. You will also learn how to set your prices, take the most professional photos, and use social media to grow your client base. With our guidance, you will learn how to approach all types of clients and provide exceptional service in a professional manner.

Upon successful completion of the course, you will receive an accredited diploma in Nail Tech, granting you the freedom to work from home or in a salon. Do not miss this opportunity to transform your passion into a career that offers creative fulfillment, financial stability, and more free time to enjoy life. Join our accredited Nail Tech training course today and embark on your path to success!


Course Schedule:

Day 1 - Nail anatomy, types of nail beds, combi manicure, using the E-File machine. Natural nail protection with rubber base + perfect color application (an adapted technique of gel polish for a guaranteed resistance of 4 weeks).

Day 2 - Combi manicure, natural nail preparation, construction nail tips; short natural square and self-leveling gel modeling without filing the surface + French "Exterior" (classic) and applying the color under the eponychium. How to use acrygel on nail tips.

Day 3 - Combi manicure, stained glass preparation (vitralius nails), natural nail preparation, correct filing steps, construction with nail forms, gel and acrygel; Natural oval shape with stained glass gel (vitralius nails).

Day 4 - Combi manicure, natural nail preparation, correct filing steps, nail forms construction, Classic Almond; getting a perfect Baby Boomer. Creating the portfolio of pictures.

Please note that the course can be conducted in either English or Romanian, with an accredited translator available.

Our four-day course is priced at only £750 and includes an ABT accredited diploma. You will need to pay an advance of £300, and you will be required to bring a model to work on her hands.

Join our course today, and you will have everything you need to become a successful and skilled nail technician!

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