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Advanced Course Level 3

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What exactly we learn on each days:

Day 1 :

The Arched square - the perfect French.

Perfect filing technique.

Types of products and their classification

Dry manicure.

Making the perfect "blick" - light line.

Design of your choice


Day 2 :

Ballerina shape with design of your choice (french, glitter, Swarovski, etc).

Everything about Apex, Curve C and Longitudinal Ark.

The correct proportion of the French, depending on the length of the nail structure.


Day 3 :

Almond Slim - Glass Effect.

Types of forms, their correct fitting and cutting.

Perfect filing techniques.


Day 4 :

Modern Almond - Baby Boomer.

Design with carlons and acrylic powder.

Perfect steps for creating Baby Boomer.

The technique without filing.Correct positioning of the sculpted forms.


Day 5 :

Infill and rebalance.

Techniques of taking portfolio picture.

Recap of information.

We will work on 1 model for 2 students (5 nails each student)
Maximum group: 4 students
Schedule: between 09.30 and 20:00/22:00

Course price: £ 850
Course advance: £ 300

The student will need to come with a model to work on her hands

The advance is non-refundable

ABT accredited diploma is offered.

All the necessary materials used and provided during the course:
⦁ Pusher Staleks
⦁ Cuticle scissors
⦁ E-File bits: Red flame, Red drop
⦁ Gel brush: No. 6 oval
⦁ Brush Kolinsky 2
⦁ PVC  professional forms, LNB aluminum forms + gels and LNB bases.
Course materials are free of charge throughout the course.
The products we will use in the course: LNB - Luminita Ionel.
During the course you have 10% DISCOUNT on all LNB products from the store

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