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This advanced level 3 course is designed for experienced nail technicians who have completed a basic course and have practiced extensively. It's essential to have a solid foundation in basic techniques as this course will cover more complex and specialized techniques.

Over five days, you'll learn about nail anatomy, natural nail preparation, different types of forms, and construction techniques for various nail shapes, including Arched Square, Ballerina, Almond Slim, and Modern Almond. You'll also learn about infill and rebalance techniques and how to take portfolio pictures.This accredited course will equip you with the skills and knowledge to become an expert in gel nail constructions. With a maximum of four students per class, you'll receive individualized attention and guidance from experienced instructors.

If you're looking to take your nail technician skills to the next level, this advanced level 3 course is the perfect opportunity to do so.

What you will learn during the course:

Day 1:The arched square - perfect French, Perfect filing technique, Types of products and their classification, Combi manicure, Making the perfect "blick" - light line. Design of your choice.

Day 2: Ballerina shape with design of your choice (French, glitter, Swarovski, etc.), Everything about Apex, Curve C and Longitudinal Ark.

The correct proportion of the French, depending on the length of the nail structure.

Day 3: Almond Slim - Glass Effect, Types of forms, their correct fitting and cutting, Perfect filing techniques.

Day 4: Modern Almond - Baby Boomer, Design with carlons and acrylic powder, Perfect steps for creating Baby Boomer, The technique without filing, Correct positioning of the sculpted forms.

Day 5: Infill and rebalance, Techniques of taking portfolio picture, Recap of information, We will work on 1 model for 2 students (5 nails each student).

Maximum group: 4 students.

Schedule: between 09:30 and 20:00/22:00.

Course price: £850.

Course advance: £300.

The student will need to come with a model to work on their hands.

The advance is non-refundable.

ABT accredited diploma is offered.

All necessary materials used and provided during the course.

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