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Acredited Basic Course Level 1 - Beginner

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Exclusive  - No E fileltechnique - INTENSIVE
Do you want a creative field without getting bored along the way?
Do you want to be your own boss?
Do you want to have more free time?
Do you want a new beginning?

Do you want to have Acreditated Diploma in Nail Tech and  work from home or salon?


This course is all you need. You can fulfill all these desires.
Here you will develop both professionally and personally.
Now is the time to start with small steps, gradually and surely this profession.

This course is all you need. You can fulfill all these wishis.
Here you will develop both professionally and personally.
Now is the time to start with small steps, gradually and surely to this profession.

What are the benefits of this course?
You will learn everything from scratch, without any confusion after finishing it.
You will receive complex course support, theory and detailed schemes to practice at home.
You will have 2 hours of theory every day, which also includes personal development (self-confidence)
You will practice on models every day for 6-8 H.
You will have a portfolio of professional pictures to attract customers.
You will learn how to set your prices.
You will learn to take the most professional photos.
You will learn how to attract customers on "Social Media".
You will learn how to approach all types of clients
You will learn to work PROFESSIONALLY.
You will learn how to be successful in this field.


The course theory program:
Workspace management.
Hygiene, disinfection and sterilization rules for instruments and the work space
All the details about the necessary materials and nail tools.
Gel classification.
Classification of all the files and their abrasiveness.
The characteristics of the E File machine and the choice of the ideal  E-File.
Classification of e-file Bits and their abrasiveness.
Anatomy of the natural nail.
Types of nail plate.
The characteristics of each type of nail plate.
Types of manicure.
Cuticle types.

How to correctly perform the combined manicure technique (cleaning the cuticle with E-File and nail scissors).
The perfect cleaning of cuticle area and the nail plate after the manicure, for a perfect adhesion and for a clean work.
The use of nail products and their role for an ideal adherence.
Nail Forms Features
Cutting the nail form according to the type of nail plate.
Fitting the  nail form depending on the shape we want to build and depending on the chosen length.
Correct extension to prevent cracks in the "stress area".
Modeling the self-leveling gels.
What is the Blick and what is its role in self-leveling gel constructions.
The characteristics of the ideal Blick (For a perfectly level surface).
Blick Issues (What to Avoid and How to Correct a Mistake).
Perfect color application techniques, without shadows and without touching the surrounding tissue of the nail.
Applying color under the cuticle (clean and long lasting effect).
The proportions of the French depending on the width and length of the nail.
Choosing the right finish depending on the products applied.
The technique of applying the finish for a leveled surface and a long-lasting glossy effect.

Why start this course?
Each job has certain stages that we have to go through.
Yes, that course is a complex intense course, with different lengths and filing shapes, with arched and elegant nails. What is behind those works are many hours of work (8-10 hours), stress and disappointments. Why? Because it is extremely much information to transmit and extremely difficult to assimilate for someone who is a total beginner. It's like we want to drive a car without learning where the accelerator, brake or gearbox is. We have to start, as in any other field, to start with first step and then move on to the next steps. So, to become a professional, you need to give your brain time to gradually assimilate the information. In a word, you need PATIENCE.

What you will practice every day:

DAY 1 - Nail anatomy, types of nail beds, dry manicure, using the E-File machine. Natural nail protection with rubber base + iperfect color application (an adapted technique of gel polish for a guaranteed resistance of 4 weeks)

DAY 2 - Dry manicure, natural nail preparation, construction with nail forms; Short natural square and self-leveling gel modeling without filing the surface + French "Exterior"  (clasic) and applying the color under the eponichiu.

DAY 3 - Dry manicure, stained glass preparation (vitralium nails), natural nail preparation, correct filing steps, construction with nail forms, gel and acrygel; Natural oval shape with stained glass gel (vitralium nails).

DAY 4 - Dry manicure, natural nail preparation, correct filing steps, nail forms construction, Classic Almond; getting a perfect Baby Boomer. Creating the portfolio of pictures.

After this course, you will certainly not have any emotion to start alone in this field

Course price: £ 750
Course advance: £ 300

The student will need to come with a model to work on her hands
ABT accredited diploma is offered.

All the necessary materials and  products used and provided during the course are free of charge throughout the course.
⦁ Pusher
⦁ Nail Cuticle scissors
⦁ E-File Bits: Red flame, Red drop
⦁ Gel brush: No. 6 oval
⦁ Pensula Kolinsky 2
⦁ Professional Nail Forms, LNB aluminum forms + gels and LNB bases.

We will work on 1 model for 2 students (respectively 5 nails each)
After the course you have 10% DISCOUNT on all LNB products from the online store


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