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Welcome to our exclusive Advance Basic Course - a four-day intensive program covering four different techniques. Whether you want to refine your existing technique, stay updated with the latest trends, or correct past mistakes, our course is designed to meet your needs and help you achieve your goals.

Throughout the course, you'll master the latest basic techniques and gain a thorough understanding of the correct architecture. With detailed schematics and theoretical support, any doubts will vanish as you complete the program. You'll also practice your skills daily for 6-8 hours, covering everything from workspace setup to hygiene, disinfection, and instrument and workspace sterilization. You'll learn about necessary materials and tools, gel classifications, and the attributes of electric cutters and milling heads.

Discover the anatomy of natural nails, types of nail plates, cuticle variations, and the proper execution of the combi manicure technique using an E-File and scissors. Learn how to clean cuticles and nail plates after a manicure for impeccable adhesion and a pristine finish.

Our program includes guidance on using nail products for optimal adherence, nail form characteristics, and cutting and applying forms correctly. You'll master extension techniques to prevent "stress area" cracks and different shaping methods.

We'll teach you to model self-leveling and "jelly" gels, as well as applying color and French tips. You'll also excel in achieving a level surface and a long-lasting glossy finish.

Additionally, the course covers personal development, including boosting self-confidence and approaching diverse clients. You'll grasp how to take professional photos, set competitive prices, and attract customers through social media. By the program's end, you'll have a portfolio of professional pictures showcasing your skills.

If you've already completed a basic course, our Advance Basic Course is ideal for upgrading your technique with fresh and updated theory. However, if you lack experience or haven't put your basic course knowledge into practice, we recommend revisiting the basics for a comprehensive and accurate understanding.

Join us for the Advance Basic Course and elevate your skills to the next level. Embark on the path to becoming a professional nail technician.

What you'll learn during the course:

DAY 1 - Nail anatomy, types of nail beds, combi manicure, electric file use, and Arched Square construction using forms. Learn how to fit forms according to nail type and chosen length and master the diamond filing technique for ARCHED SQUARE + French.

DAY 2 - Nail preparation, construction with reusable tips and acrygel. Create a natural oval shape and self-leveling gel modeling without surface filing, along with baby boomer and perfect Blic formation.

DAY 3 - Slim NAILS - slim oval form, construction, and short length. Discover the "Under refill" filing technique for slim technique and minimalist design.

DAY 4 - Modern Almond construction using forms. Learn to adjust form placement based on nail type and length, determine French proportion according to nail length, salon design, and create a portfolio of pictures. The final day features a comprehensive examination.

We maintain a 1:2 student-to-model ratio (5 nails per student), with a maximum group size of 4 students. The course runs from 09:30 to 20:00/22:00.

The course fee is £800, with a non-refundable advance payment of £300. You must bring a model for hands-on practice. Upon course completion, you'll receive an ABT accredited diploma, and all necessary materials are provided during the course.

Thank you for considering this course, and we eagerly await your response

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