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2 Day's 2 Shapes

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  2 Shapes Course 
Do you want to improve your techniques?

Do you want to adapt your wrongly learned technique?
Did you take a basic course many years ago and want to advance to the latest trends?
Do you want to correct all your mistakes?
Do you want to be on another level?
Do you want happy customers and amazed by the result?
This course is all you need. You can fulfill all these desires. Here you will develop both professionally and personally. Now is the time to move on to the next level This course is aimed at people who have a basic course, and know how to use the E-File machine, and want to improve their techniques. You can choose two shapes : Square, Oval, Classic Almond, Modern Almond, Stiletto, Indoor French, Outdoor French, etc. The course lasts 2 intensive days in which you will learn to improve your Dry Manicure, to prepare your natural nail, to cut and position the forms according to the desired shape.

What are the benefits of this course?

You will solve all the problems.
You will fill all the gaps and you will know exactly everything you need for the right architecture.
You will have 2 hours of theory every day, which includes personal development (self-confidence)
You will have a portfolio of professional pictures to attract customers.
You will learn how to set your prices.
You will learn to take the most professional photos.
You will learn how to attract customers on "Social Media"
You will learn how to approach all types of clients.
You will learn to work PROFESSIONALLY.
You will learn how to be successful in this field.


The course theory program:
Workspace management.
Hygiene, disinfection and sterilization rules for instruments and the work space
All the details about the necessary materials and nail tools.
Gel classification.
Anatomy of the natural nail.
Types of nail plate.
The characteristics of each type of nail plate.
Cuticle types.

Course price: £ 400
Course advance: £ 200

Advance is non-refundable

The student it will work on own hand or it will come with a model.
ABT accredited diploma is offered for the two shapes  selected.

Course duration 2 days - Birmingham

All the necessary materials and  products used and provided during the course are free of charge throughout the course.
⦁  We will use LNB professional nail products.

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