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2 Shapes Course

Are you looking to enhance your skills? Want to correct any prior technique errors? Completed a basic course some time ago and now seek to stay updated with current trends? Or perhaps you wish to rectify past mistakes and impress your customers with exceptional results?

This course is precisely what you need. It's your gateway to fulfilling these aspirations. You'll experience both professional and personal growth. Now is the time to elevate your skills to the next level. Geared towards individuals who have previously completed a basic course and possess E-File machine proficiency, this course is designed to enhance your techniques. You have the flexibility to choose two shapes from the following options: Square, Oval, Classic Almond, Modern Almond, Stiletto, Indoor French, Outdoor French, and more. Furthermore, we offer training for the Triangle shape, an increasingly popular choice. It combines the allure of a stiletto with a unique twist. This course aims to equip you with both tip and sculpting skills for application in both salon work and competitions.

What are the benefits of this course? You'll resolve any lingering issues, bridge any knowledge gaps, and attain a comprehensive understanding of nail architecture. Each day, you'll delve into 2 hours of theory, including personal development (self-confidence). You'll compile a professional portfolio of images to captivate potential customers. You'll gain insight into setting competitive prices, capturing high-quality photographs, leveraging social media for customer attraction, and effectively dealing with diverse client types. Ultimately, you'll learn to work professionally and achieve success in this field.

The course's theoretical program covers:

Effective workspace management. Hygiene, disinfection, and instrument and workspace sterilization protocols. In-depth insights into necessary materials and nail tools. Gel categorization. Understanding the natural nail's anatomy and the diversity of nail plate types. Discerning characteristics unique to each nail plate type. Identifying various cuticle types.

Course details:

Course price: £400 Course deposit: £200 (Please note that the deposit is non-refundable.)

Students have the option to work on their own hand or bring a model. Upon selecting two shapes, an ABT-accredited diploma will be awarded.

Course duration: 2 days - Birmingham

All necessary materials and products required during the course are provided free of charge

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