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(ro) - ro)-Cand se introduce mana in lampa, timerul va functiona 30s, atata timp cat nu se seteaza alt timp de functionare ( functioneaza pe senzor prezenta ).Lampa dispune de 4 led-uri pentru fototerapie ; acestea se pot anula prin apasarea butonului KEEP ON.Daca se seteaza timerul de 30s/60s/90s, nu mai functioneaza senzorul de prezenta.Cand se seteaza pe 90s, lampa intra in mod Redus de Generare Caldura. Putere Nominala : 50 W, NUMAR LED-URI : 28 LED-URI,CULOARE : ALB,TIMER : 30S / 60S / 90S.

(en) - When the hand is inserted into the lamp, the timer will run for 30s, as long as no other running time is set (works on the presence sensor).The lamp has 4 LEDs for phototherapy; they can be canceled by pressing the KEEP ON button.If the 30s / 60s / 90s timer is set, the presence sensor no longer works.When set to 90s, the lamp enters Low Heat Generation mode.Rated Power: 50 W, NUMBER OF LEDS: 28 LEDs, COLOR: WHITE, TIMER: 30S / 60S / 90S.

24 months quarranty


Lamp Led/UV cu Fototerapie 50W LNB

SKU: LNB 223S44

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