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Our K2 Acryl-gel combines the best properties of acrylic and gel. It’s suitable for all steps of the nail modeling process : modeling, nail extension or pinching. Very high viscosity, easy to use and more stable than gel.

• More stable than gel
• more flexible than acrylic
• good filing properties
• very durable after curing
• robust and matt surface
• does not run into the nail edges
• suitable for all nail types and lenghts
• odorless

Step 1: Prepare the nail as usual. Apply additionally primer or a base K 2 to prepare the nail for K 2 acryl-gel.
Step 2: Use a metal spatula to take the desired amount of K 2 acryl-gel from the jar and apply it to your nail.
Step 3: Wet a brush with the K 2 Acryl-Gel Solution and gently pat down the K2 Acryl-Gel. This allows the K 2 acryl-gel to be distributed and shaped with light pressure. Keep the brush moist by wetting it repeatedly during this step.
Step 4: If you have modeled a nice, even nail, let it cure completely in your light curing device; UV 120 seconds and LED 60 seconds. Remove stickly layer with cleaner.

Acryl gel Blush Rose K2

SKU: C251

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