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Relabalance for short nails (2-3 weeks)

nails up to 1 cm

  • 2 h 30 min
  • 45 de lire sterline
  • Lower White Road

Descrierea serviciului

An Infill only deals of the area of regrowth at the cuticle. Over the time the balance/structure of the nail is lost however and the customers will end up with weak nails that can crack easily and break. A Rebalance restores the balance, structure at the whole nail. When a nails structure grows out it loses balance, the Apex move forward and so the smile line.

Politică de anulare

For cancellation please contact me with at least 24h in advance. Thank you 1) For every NEW SET (new customer) an advance of £ 10 will be charged on the website NON-REFUNDABLE from the Full Price 2) For INFILL / REBALANCE (which means a client who already had a NEW SET from me up to 3 weeks ago) no advance will be charged. 3) For all clients exceeding the 3-week deadline, a valid term for a decent INFILL / REBALANCE, I will have to reschedule a NEW SET (I reserve the right to change your schedules, if you exceed more than 3 weeks) Please make sure you arrive on time to the required appointments, for any delay please contact me.

Detalii de contact

  • 5 Lower White Road, Quinton, Birmingham, UK


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