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4 Days Gel Advanced Basic Course
Course £700
Accredited Diploma


What exactly we learn on each days:

Day 1 :

  • Everything about the anatomy of the nail.

  • Cleaning, disinfection and sterilization of utensils and work surfaces.

  • Dry manicure.

  • Natural square - sculpted with forms, apex using soft gel, techniques without filing.

  • Applying colours under the cuticle (eponychium) and acrylic powder.


Day 2 :

  • Types of nail bed and what types of products can apply and used.

  • Sculpted without forms / Sculpted with acrygel - Oval Classic and / or French.

  • Dry manicure and the correct preparation of the natural nail.

  • The correct steps of filing.

Day 3 :

  • Types of forms, and their correct fitting and cutting.

  • Dry manicure - Oval Slim Stained Glass effect.

  • Correct filing technique.

  • Taking portfolio pictures.


Day 4 :

  • Sculpted with form using Gel  - Modern Almond, Baby Boomer.

  • Apex using the no file technique for all the types of nails learn.

  • Infill and rebalance.​

4 Days course in Birmingham 

All the tools are provided, I am using professional products and tools  from LNB range.

At the end of the course, accredited diploma and  course support are offered. (course materials)

A promotional code of 10% is offered for any ABT insurance, after performing an accredited course.

An promotional code of 10% discount on all LNB products on the UK site at the end of any course

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