E-File Course - £150 Accredited Diploma

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On this 1 day course you will cover the following:

  • Health & Safety

  • How the electric file works

  • The use of different drill bits

  • Safe filing techniques

  • The ‘Back-fill’

  • Electric file maintenance

This is a full day course designed to teach the safe and efficient use of an electric filing machine. Electric files can add to the overall professionalism of your service, and help reduce the strain on hands, arms and shoulders. The course is suitable for both the inexperienced electric file user and for the experienced nail technician who wishes to improve existing electric filing techniques. ​


1 Day course in Birmingham 

All the tools are provided, I am using professional products and tools  from LNB range.

At the end of the course, accredited diploma and  course support are offered. (course materials)

A promotional code of 10% is offered for any ABT insurance, after performing an accredited course.

An promotional code of 10% discount on all LNB products on the UK site at the end of any course